From the dark recesses of karaoke-bar crooning, Flock of 80’s rose to conjure the spirits of rock stars past.
The retro cover band evokes legends like Prince, U2 and David Bowie for night upon nostalgic night of music and dancing.
It’s late hours and hard work, but also a sweet gig.
"We have the only job that comes with a bar tab," says Flock of 80’s Drummer Scott St. Hellins. "We don’t have to get up early. Don’t have boss Lumbergh yelling about the cover letter on the TPS reports in your windowless cubicle."

The four-member band, which formed in late 2002, has worked itself into a four- to five-night-a-week schedule, playing regularly San Diego, Orange, LA counties and beyond. Whether its a bris or full concert for hundreds of thousands, FLOCK OF 80's SATISFIES!!!

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